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How to Order | HCS Ltd | High-end Color Separations & Services

You will not be charged at all when you place an order. Once your order is completed, you will be emailed a proforma with all the payment details. After we receive your payment, you will be emailed a download link for your file(s) and the invoice. If you request films from us, shipping is at extra cost. Please note that we accept only bank wire transfer payments.
We ask you to please be as detailed as possible, so we do not have to contact you with questions. If we do have questions, you will be contacted via email. It is important that you provide us with an email address where you have constant access as we will use it to sent you updates.

Please make sure you add the following to your address book, so our emails do not get blocked/marked as spam:
In case of film output, we ship your order via TNT.

What kind of information we need to process your orders?. Here is a brief summary of what we would normally need to process an order:

*Color Separations
- Original file/s (raster or vector)
- Type and color of substrate you will print on
- What will you print on? What substrate color?
- Simulated process color? True CMYK process + SPOT color?
- Number of print heads available
- Number of flash units available
- Manual or automatic?
- Imprint size

The above are only a few of the parameters we need to process an order. The more detailed you are, the smoother your job will flow. We will always make suggestions if we think they are warranted. Should you have doubts or additional concerns, please feel free to contact us via email to